What’s in a name?

Ever wonder what the name “Knit Fit!” is all about?  People occasionally ask about it, so here you go!

When I got the idea to do Knit Fit!, finding a name was the first order of business, and the phrase that kept coming into my head was “Nic Fit! Nic Fit! Nic Fit!”, an old aural memory from my youth of this song:



I listened to this record (every Sonic Youth record, actually) a million times, enough that the transitions between songs are as firmly lodged as the songs themselves, and though I can’t pretend to have ever been much of a hardcore chick, I did LOVE the combo of Youth Against Fascism > Nic Fit > On the Strip and remember it well!

Anyway, “Nic Fit” (as in nicotine fit, a craving for a smoke) and the idea of a “Knit Fit” – being so obsessed about knitting that I was feeling a physical craving (for reals, you feel it in your fingers sometimes!!) fit perfectly in my brain.  I know it gives some folks the idea of “fitness” or “fit” in the sense of fitting your clothing (which is certainly applicable!), but the true reference is to addiction.  Though a healthy one, I think.

As far as the exclamation point, it is indeed an official part of the name.

I hope to see you at Knit Fit! this year, where you can indulge your disgusting habit with no shame. For now though, I gotta go.  I’m getting a craving.

ps. The Sonic Youth version of “Nic Fit” is a cover.  The original is by The Untouchables, an old DC punk band who only ever recorded a few songs.  Here’s their version, along with “Stepping Stone” (another classic!):



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