Explore color!

Explore new ways to use color in your knitting at Knit Fit! 2014.  Check out full descriptions here and register here.



Mary Scott Huff


Elegant Entrelac
Mary Scott Huff (Saturday AM)

Understand the basics of entrelac, both flat and in the round. Students receive a free pattern for Mary’s Entrelac Trinket Bag, and work the project together.


Two-Handed Fair Isle

Lisa Ellis



Fair Isle Four Ways
Lisa Ellis (Saturday PM)

This class is an introduction and peek into the many styles of knitting in color. This class is all about finding which form works best for you. We will be exploring 4 ways to knit in color, stranded knitting, 2-handed knitting, thimble guide knitting and Portuguese purling. We’ll begin with a 2-color cast on, dive into trapping floats and weaving floats and ways to prevent puckers. Basic understanding and some practice of Fair Isle is required. Must be able to knit in the round.


Aleen Caplan Kamasaki

It’s Magic! Double Knitting: The Basics and Beyond

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki (Saturday AM)

Double knitting truly seems like magic, both in progress and in a finished object. The most common use of double knitting is to create a two (or more but that is more advanced) color pattern stitch that is reversible. On both sides it will appear similar to color stranded work but with the knit side of stockinette on each side with no “wrong” side. It can also be used to create small tubes in one color without actually knitting circular. And it can be used to create one circular piece within another, such as two socks at once. The hands on portion of this class will focus on the color knitting aspect but the others will be introduced as well. Students will learn several different cast ons and bind offs specific to double knitting and practice following a chart in double knitting both flat and in the round.



Mary Scott Huff



Mad Hatters

Mary Scott Huff (Saturday PM)

As a Mad Hatter, you will produce your own hat pattern, incorporating a stranded colorwork chart you create in class. Choose the design elements, draw a chart, and do some simple math. Just a few easy steps and you’re off!



Shibaguyz Photography


Motif Madness! (Crochet)

Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby (Sunday AM)

From hexes to circles to granny squares… motifs make us happy with all of their colors and textures and versatility. They can be anything from couture garments to a cozy afghan to a funky vest or skirt or a car cover for your sedan, or rugs or hats or jackets or sweaters or… There’s hardly anything the enduring and endearing motif can’t do.
We will start with a basic chain circle and work our way outward to granny glory, beginning with basic color changes then get a little funky with in-line color changes and maybe even delve into the mysterious spiral!  We will also learn three ways of starting your motifs for ultimate versatility, and three ways to join your motifs together.




POP! Blanket
Alexa Ludeman (Saturday PM)

If you are looking for a pop of color to brighten your days, this blanket pattern is perfect! In one class you will learn the techniques you need to create these lovely little squares.  Students will complete one square and there will be a demo on how to put the blanket together.



Adam Olsen



Traditional Coast Salish Colorwork Techniques
Sylvia Olsen  (Offered twice: Saturday PM and Sunday AM)Coast Salish colorwork is a unique combination of animal motifs and geometric designs. However, the truly unusual part of it is when you turn it inside out. It can be called neither stranded nor jacquard. Learn how to weave two colors into every stitch and achieve the elasticity and interior beauty found in traditional Cowichan knitting. This class will be taught using the traditional techniques, which include throwing the yarn (also known as English or right-hand knitting).

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