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State of the Fit!

Hello knitters!

market-choiceI’ve been quietly working away but somewhat neglectful about sharing details with you all!  Planning for Knit Fit! 2015 is well underway, and here’s a bit of teasing info:

• The market is mostly booked at this point, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the lineup this year. Some crowd-pleasing favorites are back and a number of vendors are going for bigger booths so expect some more immersive shopping experiences this time around!  I’m also very excited about some brand new vendors (8 so far) who will bring some fresh blood and variety to the market.  As always, every single vendor is independent and works in our region.

2014-11-09 12.29.30-1 • Opening night is going to be a wish-come-true for me, as our speaker is someone I’ve dreamed of inviting since the very first year. That announcement will be coming soon and I can’t wait to share it with you!

• I’m just getting started booking classes and I’m pretty excited about some new teachers joining us this year, and of course bringing back some old pals that have been with us since the beginning and consistently offer top-notch classes.  Details about classes will be available in early summer, with registration opening as always on August 1st.

• Speaking of classes, I’m mixing it up a little this year and will be scheduling 1-hour sessions during the lunch break. Some classes, some meet-ups, some demos.  This is the first year for lunchtime sessions, so it’s pretty open and I expect we’ll have a nice mix to choose from. If you have a great idea for a new class or lunchtime event, go ahead and apply!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for some meatier info coming soon. Get in touch with any questions or suggestions, and if you’ve already marked your calendar for Knit Fit! please RSVP in the Ravelry group.




Explore color!

Explore new ways to use color in your knitting at Knit Fit! 2014.  Check out full descriptions here and register here.



Mary Scott Huff


Elegant Entrelac
Mary Scott Huff (Saturday AM)

Understand the basics of entrelac, both flat and in the round. Students receive a free pattern for Mary’s Entrelac Trinket Bag, and work the project together.


Two-Handed Fair Isle

Lisa Ellis



Fair Isle Four Ways
Lisa Ellis (Saturday PM)

This class is an introduction and peek into the many styles of knitting in color. This class is all about finding which form works best for you. We will be exploring 4 ways to knit in color, stranded knitting, 2-handed knitting, thimble guide knitting and Portuguese purling. We’ll begin with a 2-color cast on, dive into trapping floats and weaving floats and ways to prevent puckers. Basic understanding and some practice of Fair Isle is required. Must be able to knit in the round.


Aleen Caplan Kamasaki

It’s Magic! Double Knitting: The Basics and Beyond

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki (Saturday AM)

Double knitting truly seems like magic, both in progress and in a finished object. The most common use of double knitting is to create a two (or more but that is more advanced) color pattern stitch that is reversible. On both sides it will appear similar to color stranded work but with the knit side of stockinette on each side with no “wrong” side. It can also be used to create small tubes in one color without actually knitting circular. And it can be used to create one circular piece within another, such as two socks at once. The hands on portion of this class will focus on the color knitting aspect but the others will be introduced as well. Students will learn several different cast ons and bind offs specific to double knitting and practice following a chart in double knitting both flat and in the round.



Mary Scott Huff



Mad Hatters

Mary Scott Huff (Saturday PM)

As a Mad Hatter, you will produce your own hat pattern, incorporating a stranded colorwork chart you create in class. Choose the design elements, draw a chart, and do some simple math. Just a few easy steps and you’re off!



Shibaguyz Photography


Motif Madness! (Crochet)

Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby (Sunday AM)

From hexes to circles to granny squares… motifs make us happy with all of their colors and textures and versatility. They can be anything from couture garments to a cozy afghan to a funky vest or skirt or a car cover for your sedan, or rugs or hats or jackets or sweaters or… There’s hardly anything the enduring and endearing motif can’t do.
We will start with a basic chain circle and work our way outward to granny glory, beginning with basic color changes then get a little funky with in-line color changes and maybe even delve into the mysterious spiral!  We will also learn three ways of starting your motifs for ultimate versatility, and three ways to join your motifs together.




POP! Blanket
Alexa Ludeman (Saturday PM)

If you are looking for a pop of color to brighten your days, this blanket pattern is perfect! In one class you will learn the techniques you need to create these lovely little squares.  Students will complete one square and there will be a demo on how to put the blanket together.



Adam Olsen



Traditional Coast Salish Colorwork Techniques
Sylvia Olsen  (Offered twice: Saturday PM and Sunday AM)Coast Salish colorwork is a unique combination of animal motifs and geometric designs. However, the truly unusual part of it is when you turn it inside out. It can be called neither stranded nor jacquard. Learn how to weave two colors into every stitch and achieve the elasticity and interior beauty found in traditional Cowichan knitting. This class will be taught using the traditional techniques, which include throwing the yarn (also known as English or right-hand knitting).

Classes for beginners!

Just getting started knitting? There’s plenty to learn at Knit Fit! If you can comfortably cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, these classes are for you.  For all the details and registration info, check out the Class Descriptions page.





POP! Blanket with Alexa Ludeman

If you are looking for a pop of color to brighten your days, this blanket pattern is perfect! In one class you will learn the techniques you need to create these lovely little squares. Students will complete one square and there will be a demo on how to put the blanket together.



Finishing Your Knits with Andrea Rangel

Learn to give your projects a professional finish. This class will cover all the topics needed to make a beautiful finished project. Learn to create clean, straight seams using mattress stitch. Invisibly weave in your ends using duplicate stitch. Learn bind-off methods including 3-needle bind-off and Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Practice grafting using Kitchener stitch, and get information all about blocking. We’ll also cover ways to reduce finishing by using seamless construction. You worked hard on that project; finish it flawlessly.



Fashion, Fit, Form & Function: Designing Garments for Everyone with Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

There are a million patterns in the naked city… and wouldn’t it be nice if just ONE of them fit?!? We will teach you the basics of fit, form and function that we use daily as fashion designers so you can see a garment and make it for yourself or someone else. You will create a template that you will be able to use for every garment you ever want to make… EVER. No matter whom you are making for, no matter what the body type, you will be able to create a garment that anyone would be thrilled to wear.
We will start with measurements and form – what measurements do I take from where and how do I apply them to my template? Then we’ll talk about fit – how do I make a garment that fits a certain style or body type? Then we’ll move to function – whom am I making this for and where will they wear it? Finally… fabrics – how to take your swatch and convert that into a pattern.



Professional Techniques for Hand Knitters with Lisa Ellis
Are you a self-taught knitter? Did your grandmother teach you how to knit? Have you noticed that your knitting doesn’t look as good as “hers”? Knitting techniques have come a long way and they can make a huge difference in the outcome of your project. This class will finesse your knitting skills to look professional and less “home made”. We will cover three different cast on methods, a crisper ribbing, an easier selvage to seam, better looking decreases, and the most elastic bind off out there. Tricks of the trade will be taught along the way – like how to transparently change colors in pattern and work a buttonhole that won’t grow in size!



The Fine Art of Yarn Substitution with Andrea Rangel
Have you ever found a pattern you love, but aren’t sure how to choose an appropriate yarn?  In this class, you’ll be guided through the intricacies of fiber, yarn weight, and plies.  You’ll learn how to decode yarn labels to match the perfect yarn to your project.  I’ll bring tons of swatches so you can get hands-on experience with the difference the yarn makes.



Ruching, Welts, and Pleats with Lisa Ellis
This class explores the ins and outs (literally!) of gathered knitting. A little nipping and tucking occurs in these easy-to-do techniques, ideal for beginners or those wishing to add texture to their knitted projects. The many applications of gathered knitting will also be addressed.

What’s in a name?

Ever wonder what the name “Knit Fit!” is all about?  People occasionally ask about it, so here you go!

When I got the idea to do Knit Fit!, finding a name was the first order of business, and the phrase that kept coming into my head was “Nic Fit! Nic Fit! Nic Fit!”, an old aural memory from my youth of this song:



I listened to this record (every Sonic Youth record, actually) a million times, enough that the transitions between songs are as firmly lodged as the songs themselves, and though I can’t pretend to have ever been much of a hardcore chick, I did LOVE the combo of Youth Against Fascism > Nic Fit > On the Strip and remember it well!

Anyway, “Nic Fit” (as in nicotine fit, a craving for a smoke) and the idea of a “Knit Fit” – being so obsessed about knitting that I was feeling a physical craving (for reals, you feel it in your fingers sometimes!!) fit perfectly in my brain.  I know it gives some folks the idea of “fitness” or “fit” in the sense of fitting your clothing (which is certainly applicable!), but the true reference is to addiction.  Though a healthy one, I think.

As far as the exclamation point, it is indeed an official part of the name.

I hope to see you at Knit Fit! this year, where you can indulge your disgusting habit with no shame. For now though, I gotta go.  I’m getting a craving.

ps. The Sonic Youth version of “Nic Fit” is a cover.  The original is by The Untouchables, an old DC punk band who only ever recorded a few songs.  Here’s their version, along with “Stepping Stone” (another classic!):


Sponsor: Sunset Hill Bed & Breakfast

Meet one of our lovely sponsors – Sunset Hill Bed & Breakfast!


This sweet B&B is only a few blocks away from the Ballard Community Center, where all Knit Fit! 2013 events will take place.  We (Hannah and Sasa) both stayed there last year for the weekend and enjoyed two very nice and relaxing nights after hard-working days!  We were so grateful to have such a comfortable and calm place (in walking distance!) to rest.


The converted farmhouse feels both cozy and spacious, with private bathrooms and inviting decor, and is in a very quiet, residential part of Ballard.  The Sunset Hill B&B is also an urban farm with a vegetable garden, chickens, and bees that supply some of the ingredients for a home-cooked breakfast each morning.  The homegrown produce and eggs are supplemented by our very own neighborhood farmers’ market down the street.


We encourage any of you coming from out of town to check out their website for more info and photos of their beautiful rooms.  We stayed in the Rainier room, which has two beds, so jump on it if you’re traveling with a friend!  Get in touch with Lori and Doug directly for more information or with any questions about your stay.

Sunset Hill Bed & Breakfast
3054 NW 58th Street, Seattle WA 98107
Telephone: 206.963.3786

Thank you, Sunset Hill Bed & Breakfast for your support and for being great neighbors!


Our WIPs

What we’re working on right now:


Equinox Raglan by Debbie O’Neill in three colors of Noro Kureyon with added neck and cuff ribbing.


Almost done Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker in Malabrigo Rios (Lettuce).  Sweet baby sweater pattern that’s nice and quick for those baby shower deadlines!  The newborn size is free, and an expanded version (Beyond Puerperium) for different sizes and yarn weights is also available.


Cupido Cowl in Fly Designs Flying DK (Ruby). I adore this color, especially when I’m lucky enough to be knitting in the sun.  Purchased at Knit Fit! 2012 from Pat Fly.

That’s what’s on top of the pile – stay tuned for (hopefully) WIP excavation and completed  project updates!

Teachers announced!


Things are starting to pick up steam for 2013 over here at Knit Fit! HQ and we’re busily making arrangements for class registration, the marketplace, and all the other fun details that go into planning a weekend for hundreds of fiber lovers!  Apologies for how quiet we’ve been, but you can expect to hear more news more often from now on.  Only a few months to go!

We announced the teachers yesterday to our newsletter subscribers, and we’ve posted some longer bios on each over at the website, so head over there for an intro.  We’ll be posting some longer profiles again this year, but you can learn a bit more about our returning friends in these previous posts:

Lisa Ellis
Jen Hagan
Lee Meredith (Leethal)
Shannon & Jason Mullet-Bowlsby (The Shibaguyz)
Andrea Rangel
Barbara Seeler

We’ve also posted a bit about the overall schedule for the weekend, which is mostly the same as last year in terms of class blocks, though we have switched up the market place hours a bit in response to feedback from shoppers and vendors.


Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm

And of course, MARKET ENTRY IS FREE!

More news soon!